Friday, April 30, 2010

Obstacle challenge - 4/23/10 - 4/25/10

This weekend we particiapted in the Bess Wall's 2nd annual obstacle challege at The Florida AG Museum in Palm Coast. It was a 6 mile ride with 10 obstacles at various locations.  Some of us chose to participate, and others went along to watch the entertainment.  All of the money raised went to the museum to help care for their mules, horses, and donkey.

It was just Liz, Chele, Robbie, and me on Friday night

(I think I had a wee bit too much Jose)

The porcupine scared the poop out of Maybe ;p

Marilyn & Bonnie

Liz & Monarch at Pop Goes the Rabbit

I don't know what Linc & Jenny were pointing at

KD & Dixie watching all the excitement

Mom & daughter

Linc & I help get Maybe over the Teetering Bridge

Linc has no problem with it

Jamie makes it thru Going Hog Wild alive

Clyde was not too sure tho

So Bonnie showed him the way

On Sunday, Chele, Jenny, and I headed back out for another ride.  Bess had left some of the obstacles to play on too.

Notice Linc's look.
He says, "Don't even think about doing that to me."

Poor Maybe

Dawn was not thrilled

This stinkin pig cost me lots of points.  It was facinated with Linc.

I didn't get many pics this Sunday either.  There was a storm rolling in, so we trotted and cantered most of the ride.  I've been caught in a lightning storm at the AG Museum before.  NOT FUN at all!  The worst part was that the rain never really hit us.  Oh well, we had fun anyway.

LOL, the pictures really say it all on this one. I posted a few of my favorites, but you'll have to check out the rest in the ALBUM and the  AG Challenge Results.

Poker Ride at Princess Place - 4/17/10

Liz, Jenny, and I participated in a poker ride sponsored by the Eagle Rock Equestrian Club. It benefited the Flagler County Humane Society & Tiger Bay State Park (Rima Ridge Tract) Equestrian Area improvements. 

Jenny & Maybe getting their "extra" card on the other side of the land bridge

How is this for a creative head stall?

See the bucket behind Liz.  That is how you get your cards.  There's 6 of them placed strategically along the ride.

None of us won anything, but at least it was for a good cause.  When we got back to the trailhead, lunch was ready.  I had a delicious BBQ pork sandwich and a brownie.  Check out what Jenny did to Rocky while I was getting my food.

He was so embarassed

Liz had the opportunity to ride Bess Wall's BIG percheron, Kaleb

Then, Jenny gave him a whirl

Liz and I headed back out for another ride since we were kids free.  Neither of us felt the need to rush right home. 
I think this was when Rocky spotted the popo.  LOL, the ranger kept getting onto us for being in the wrong area.  I think he let the power go to his head.

Liz & Monarch

 As always, HERE is a link to the rest of the pics.

Spring break at 7 Bar L

I am so blessed to have good friends and good horses.  Thursday, Liz and I headed to one of our MOST favorite places, 7 Bar L.  We already knew it was going to be a busy weekend there since many schools were out on spring break.

Andy was nice enough to let me keep my ponies in one of his pastures.

It was big enough to put Liz's boys in there too.

Go Beauty!

Unfortunately, the weather was predicted to be bad with severe thunderstorms.  The idea of sleeping in a tent was not very appealing, so we decided to tarp up the trailer and sleep in it.

Redneck camping at its finest

Our firepit

It took awhile to set up, so Robbie and Cory fished instead of riding.

Friday morning, Chele and Linelle joined us.  We got them settled and headed out to conquer the "big" hill that had Liz so nervous.

Linelle & Bandit

Chele & Dawn
Cool bridge




Robbie shows Cory how to climb a tree

She did pretty well

Erik, Coral, Mickayla, and Jenny joined us Friday night.  Saturday morning Mike, Traci, and KD arrived for a day ride.

All heading out

Family pic (thanks Jenny)

 Mike & Rusty

Traci & Tucker

The most important people in my life

Jenny & Maybe

We rode 3+- hours and headed back to camp for lunch.  Later that afternoon, we went out for another ride.  Jenny was nice enough to ride Linc while I rode Poca.

Coral & Chief

Jenny & Linc

KD & Stylin

Poca & I watch Jenny play on the bridge

Cory & Mickayla take a spin on Poca when we get back

Cory rides Poca by herself

We had an owl keep watch of our campsite

Millie & Cory chillin around the fire

Sadly, I didn't get any pics on Sunday.  Coral's horse, Star, was being a major PITA (prancing, bucking, and hopping).  Coral was getting extremely frustrated, so I suggested we switch.  Coral rode Linc, and I rode Star.  I know Star (she lived at my house for years) and don't mind a good challenge.

This was really the first time anyone else has rode Linc (other than Erik).  I was sooooo proud of how well behaved he was.  It was a nice treat to see my boy under saddle.  I may be biased here, but he's pretty damned handsome!

HERE are LOTS more pics and even a video or two.