Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all of you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you have an abundance of things to be thankful for.  {{{{HUGS}}}

MIA (again)

I have gone MIA again (for good reasons this time).  It's riding and camping season!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me on the Miracle Ride at Rock Springs.  The event was a big success.

Together, we raised over $1000.
Cathy and KD heading out at Rock Springs State Park
You know Linc can't resist playing in the water
Group shot in the pretty flowers
Marilyn and I
Click HERE for more pics of the Miracle Ride.  HERE is a link to KD's description of the ride.  (She is much better with the details than me.)

A few weeks later we headed to McCulley Farms for the weekend.  We opted to avoid the crowd and skip the fall ride this year.  Instead, we had the whole place to ourselves.  It was nice!

Heading out.  They have some of the nicest trails in FL.
Cory and her grandma, Coral.
(I've recently reconnected with my family.  You have no idea how special this photo is.)
Pretty pic of Cathy and Maybe
Chele and Willy posing for a picture.
Coral on Linc.  (He is one sexy horse!)
Christina and Cathy
Not my best look, but WTH, I'm loving life.
Silly picture of KD playing headbands around the campfire
Click HERE for more pics of our McCulley trip.

Early in November, we headed to River Rise for the annual Thanksgiving ride with the Sante Fe Trailriders.

My sister, Mickayla, on Ranger
Great pic of Chele
Photo opportunity where the river rises.
Cory, Mickayla, Susan, and me
Cory, Mickayla, Coral, and Me
This makes my heart happy!
Coral, Mickayla, and Cory

Love her too!
I am blessed with great friends!

Group shot

Cory on Chief (still going strong at 25)
Mickayla on Rocky
Mustang butts!


Last weekend, we explored a new place, Rima Ridge, with some friends I met through the Cracker Ride.  The trails reminded me of Pumpkin Hill - nothing spectacular but still worth the trip.  The campground was fantastic, and you ca't beat the price ($10 a night).  We definitely plan to go back and do some more splorin.

Heading out on our first ride
Christina and I dealing with our ponies.  They both had their panties in a wad.
Happy kid!
The men getting the fire ready to cook over.
Pot Pie in the dutch oven.  Jalapeno poppers in the tin.
Adding the crust to the pie
Poppers are done
Pie is done
Salami bread
We got rained on but no worries.  We had Erik to dry our chairs.
Mitch making monkey bread
One side got too close to the fire, but the other side was delicious!
Organizer, Debbi, and chef, Mitch (who has inspired me to cook with a dutch oven)
Morning girls
Wait for it
Go get it
Got it
Do it again
Stalls were big enough for 2 if they got along

Sunday ride

Mounting block

Linc in the round pen saying, "Don't forget me!"
Several hitching posts
Water pump
Porta poty
Home, sweet home

Tired babies
Click HERE for more Rima Ridge pics.