Friday, August 31, 2012

Thank you...

Rocky - He was my first horse (and first mustang).  His hardheaded personality taught me to be persistent and consistent.

Rocky and I at Amelia Sound.
I can always count on Rocky to help train new horses.
And now, he teaches Cory to ride.
He would never do this for me.

Learning to fly
 Linc - He taught me to control my emotions.

The day we met Linc.  Look how cute Cory was.
One of my first trail rides
My stepmom and I at a hunter pace.

He gives me kisses.
And I give them back.
Beauty - Without her, Cory wouldn't have a passion for horses.  Beauty was not an easy ride.  She taught Cory how to be light in the saddle and have soft hands. 

Dreamer - My first "rescue" horse.  He taught Erik a lesson.  When I met him, I knew he wasn't the horse for me.  However, I couldn't leave him in the hell hole I found him in, so I brought him home.

Come home with me before you look like the other horses.
Other horse A
Other horse B
Other horse C (and there were more)
Your new home (temporarily).
Begging for forgiveness and 6 months to turn Dreamer around.  (I didn't tell Erik I was bringing him home.)
First time out.
How could you not love him.
Of course, he had to be gelded.
Looking better.  Time to earn your keep.
I've always loved this pic.  Dreamer and my stepmom's horse, Shoni.

As usual, Rocky helped me get Dreamer going.
Big Horn Ranch
Just shy of 6 months later, Dreamer moved to his forever home.

Faith - She made me tough.  I got more bumps and bruises in 68 days from her than I have in years with the rest of my horses.

Day 1

I always found myself hanging on and/or reminding her who was boss.
One of many booboos. 
First ride
Yet another booboo.

At J2 Quarter Horses
Just because it made me laugh.
Izzy - Taught me how admit when I am not what a horse needs.

When Morgan at HPAF found her.
The day I met her. (This pic is deceiving.  She still needed to put on LOTS more weight.)
Of course, we brought her home.
(I didn't own Ranger then.  He was here for horsey camp.)
We gave her time to settle in and just be a horse.  This was down at my stepmom's place after GEMM.
Izzy's training begins.
She was the most beautiful horse ever.
Erik loved her more than I did.

She could be silly.

We still think about her often.  :(
Poca - Taught me the value of a smooooooth ride.

We had hoped after Izzy that Poca would be the one for Erik.
She could be very sweet too.

But again, she wasn't the right match for our family.
Ranger - Well, he just makes me smile.  He's funny and dependable.  What more can I ask for?!?!?!

Baby pics from KD. Thank God her grew into those ears.
Back when he belonged to Chele.
One of our first rides after I bought him.
The first time he ejected me.
This is why he gets along with Erik.  They have the same taste in beer.

After a year, I trust him with my heart and soul.
So it all comes down to this...

I finally have 3 who make family fun time possible.
For that, I am grateful!  :)