Monday, April 16, 2012

It worked!

I tried so hard to be attentive and well-behaved at Ron's clinic.  For those of you that know me, you know how difficult that is (can you say hyper and short attention span?). There was just so much to take in and learn.

I've been tossing around where to start and decided the first two things I'd attempt are putting some bend in my elbows and improving my canter departs.

The elbow thing isn't as easy to fix as I thought it'd be.  Old habits truly are hard to break.  I have a tendency to ride with my hands down low and way in front of my saddle.  It sort of puts me in a forward position.  Therefore, I am probably not as deep in my saddle as I should be.  Plus, I tend to use my wrists to cue instead my arms/upper body.  All I can say, is it's going to take time and practice.

As for the canter, this is something I've needed help with for a long time since both my boys have issues.  Linc doesn't like to pick up his right lead (got worse after his accident), and Ranger is a cross-firing beotch.  Ron suggested, along with lifting the inside rein and cuing with the outside leg, that I shift my weight to my outside to "help" them make the right lead choice.  Dang if it didn't work!

On Sunday, Cory, Chele, and I went riding at the Equestrian Center.  Four times, I asked Ranger for a canter.  Four times, I got nice departures without any of the funky chicken crap I've gotten used to.

Cory showing off her new, purple helmet

Chele & Dawn strike a pose

Rocky tells Ranger to step it up.

Here we are!
Progress is so exciting.  I am looking forward to my first follow up lesson on Tuesday.  I'll be back to let you know how it goes.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

WIllie and Kris at the AVA's! - YouTube

WIllie and Kris at the AVA's! - YouTube

I did not know all of this about him.

Many people may have forgot about his time in the U.S.Army. He is the son
of an Air Force General, and a accomplished Golden Gloves boxer, and he
graduated from Pomona College with a B.S. degree, and then became a Rhodes
Scholar from Oxford University.

He joined the U.S. Army at the prompting of his father. After graduating
from Officer Candidate School he attended and graduated fro m both Army
Airborne and Ranger training in the very top of each class. He was selected
for U. S. Army Special Forces Training but refused so that he could attend
pilot training where he earned his wings, and became an accomplished U.S.
Army helicopter (gun ship) pilot, and achieved the rank of Captain.
He was about to be promoted to the rank of Major, and appointed to teach
at West Point when he resigned his commission from the Army to go into music
and acting. You can tell in this video that his time in the military means
a lot to him.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Garden 2012

Cory and her Daddy planted their first garden on Easter Sunday.  This morning, they found their first signs of life.   They  were so excited!  Click the pic to see the sprouts.

My baby & her babies

Cory is growing so fast, but it's mornings like this that remind me she is still my baby.

Sally is not sure what to think


Ruby is a hoot

I adore this dog

Going for a ride


More pics HERE

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just not feeling it....

That is how I've felt about blogging lately.  School started; life got hectic; riding season came and went; and I just didn't have much time or energy to write about it.  Till now....

This past weekend was so wonderful.  Some friends and I participated in a 3-day riding clinic with Ron McLoughlin in Daytona.  Believe it or not, this was one of my first "real" riding lessons.  (I've audited clinics in the past, and, like most, I like to read and watch videos.)

Boy oh boy, I am hooked.  I took Linc this time.  I wanted this clinic to be about training ME first and the HORSE second.  Linc is my BTDT horse and has all the basics down.  WOW!  Ron pushed us beyond our comfort zone, and I liked it.  We were doing 180's and 360's (even at a canter).  They were far from perfect and not necessarily even good, but it was a start.  I just can't begin to tell you how intense it was at times.

I feel like the fire in me has been rekindled.  I was floundering.  Since I stopped doing the LD's, I had no direction to go with my ponies.  We camp like crazy, but I had no goals.  Now, I do.  There is a trainer here in Jax, Carole Jackson, that studied under Ron.  I hope to start taking lessons with her soon.  There's also another clinic coming up in September and December.  Lord willing, I will be there.  Hopefully, I will take both horses next time.

Me, Christina, and Cathy at the clinic
Christina and I in the Quadrilles
Ron during one of our afternoon meetings
Everyone on the line
Paying attention

HERE is a link to the other photo's KD took.