Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another month has gone by...

As usual, we've been pretty busy.

We spent Thanksgiving down at Doe Lake with AHOOF.  They said it would be their last year hosting.  However, it looks like the tradition may continue.

Doe lake has a great set up for horse camping.  There are hi-tie poles throughout the campgound.
Cory found some friends her age.  They drew some decorations for the dinner hall.

The food was WODERFUL!
Erik fell asleep by the fire after dinner.
Cory took Christina's horse, Addy, for a spin.  She did very well.  Doesn't she look tiny up there?
Cory, Gene, Coral, and Christina
We headed to Spirit of the Suwannee at the beginning of December for our annual TROT Christmas party. 

Shoe tree
Bra tree
Panty tree
YAY, Liz is back!  She had sent her horse, Monarch, to a trainer for a few months.  They are doing so much better.  It was definitely money well spent.
Christina's sister, Jen, helped me ride my boys.  Here she is on Ranger and Anna on her horse, Layla. 
Here she is on Linc.
Jenny plays with her bull whip on Linc.
He got all fancy feet on her.  (I'm happy to report he stood still for me when I did it.)
Jenny popped it of Rocky.  He never flinched!  :)
After riding, everyone helped Cory with her science fair project.  Here's Bryne do a taste test.
Gene got in on the action while saddled.
Me on Rocky playing musical feed bags.
Relay race
Cory on  Ranger racing Jenny
Rocky was spooked by the feed bag, but I made the best of it.  No one said you had to ride your horse around the cone.
More food than we could eat.
Big circle of love around the fire.
Anna's mom gets a gag gift in the White Elephant Gift Exchange
I thought this was too funny.  This is Anna and her husband, Bryne.  I think he needs a bigger chair. 
One of my favorite views.
Dru making her way up the bank.
We found this jacket on the trail.  Cathy thought it would be fun to blindfold poor Busta.
Ride from Dimond D

This is why you shouldn't park next to a port-a-poty.  Chele and I couldn't resist messing with our friends truck. (I'm sure payback will be a beotch.)
Susan having fun at the creek.
Cheese!!! (We were waiting for the rope to break.)
Coming back across.
They had to go thru a DEEP hole.  Thank God for good ponies.
Beach ride at Mickler's with Luvs 2 Ride

What tack box is complete without a bottle of champagne? 
Strike a pose Sheryl!
Handsome as ever!
Heading out

Love for Ranger
Rocky says, "You really want me to go in there?!?!"

I am beaming with pride here.  Rocky NEVER liked the water at the beach when I rode him.  He and Cory are the perfect match.  He does things for her that I didn't think were possible.

Me and Ranger

Warning the videos are a bit shaky.  You might need your dramamine.

Palying on the whoopty-do trail at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center

You just can't trust your friend's horse not to eat your saddle.
This is a big deal for Liz.  She never would have trusted Monarch like this before sending him to the trainer.