Sunday, October 24, 2010


Those of you who know me, know that I am very goal oriented and love projects (sometimes too much).  I'm trying really hard not to go overboard, and I've narrowed myself down to two short term goals.

My first goal is to complete an endurance or competitive trail ride.  I took my first step towards this in September. Some friends, Cory, and I participated in a FHA clinic at the Renab Ranch in Lecanto, FL. 

We really enjoyed our stay.  Lillian Baner is an excellent hostess.

Loving our new trailer

Our camp

Friday night they fed us dinner and had several speakers.
Here's KD, Jenny, and Christina llistening to the presentations.

Simon listens too (Julianne's poodle)

There was a mock CTR Saturday morning.  We rode 5 miles out to a check point.  They took the horses' heart rates and determined us all "fit to continue."  I didn't get any pics while we were zooming down the trail, but I must say I was super proud of Cory and Rocky.  They lead us the whole way.

After returning to the ranch, you had 10 minutes to unsaddle and present your horse.  Cory and I came in first.  I really wish I could have recorded Cory as she presented Rocky to the judges.  She was so cute and brave, doing everything by herself.

Here's KD & Stylin waiting their turn

Checking Maybe's heart rate

KD & Stylin trotting down and back.
They check the heart rate before and after.

Christina & Hope - Can you tell she used to show Hope?  Picture perfect!

Chele & Dawn going thru the vet check.
Here they look for lameness and booboos.

On Sunday, they had an actual CTR.  We chose not to participate.  Instead, we relaxed and watched all of the riders head out.  Then, we saddled up and went out on our own adventure.  We think we rode 15 miles (give or take).  It was SUPER hot.  We were extremely grateful for the waterhole and our new sponges (compliments of FHA).  There was a water pump with the most refreshing, cold water.

All in all, we did very well.  Our horses were well behaved and took everything on stride.  There are a few rides coming up.  With any luck, I will complete one of them.

HERE are the rest of the pics from the weekend.

My other goal is to complete the Florida Cracker Ride in February.  Our friend, Marilyn Whitford, has done this ride several times.  I have listened to her stories and have finally decided that it's time to do it myself.  I am so excited.

"The ride begins at a site just East of Bradenton, Florida, and ends in Ft. Pierce, Florida, a total of approximately 120 miles. Each day's ride is approximately 15 to 20 miles in length. The purpose of the ride is to draw attention to Florida's horse and cattle heritage. The ride travels a highway right-of-way and requires that we be at designated points along the way at certain times of the day. Riders and their horses should be conditioned for these requirements." (from the Florida Cracker Trail Association)

So there you have it, my goals - practical and doable IF I stop letting other things get in the way.  It's no surprise that teaching keeps me busy.  It's just one of those jobs that requires a lot of work off the clock. However, first quarter is officially over and grades are in, and with any luck, I can get back to riding more consistently.