Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Fun Time - May 29, 2011

Yesterday, we spent the day at Nana and Papa's house.  Papa is such a big kid.  He spent half the day running back and forth to Gander Mountain trying to find the perfect tube to play on.

Papa showing us how it's done
Allen gives it a try
Uncle Johnny feeding the fish  ;p
Seth tries too, but just doesn't have the strength to pull up the front.
Cory's got a loose tooth
Seth shows off his grill
Drew was a tubing fool!
Kevin has a good time too
Chef Linda telling us to chow down

HERE is a link to the rest of the pics and a video of Papa.

Just shoot them....

It seems that I hear statements like this all the time from family and friends.  These are people who don't understand the relationship I (we) have with the horses.  I don't want to imagine life with out them.  They bring me such joy.  They make me feel alive and connect me to the world around me.  As I bee-bop down the trail, I look at the nature surrounding me, and I think how lucky and blessed I am to be alive.

Anyway...  I had to get that off my chest.  Although I haven't been updating my blog lately, I have been riding.

Ranger is coming along nicely and seems to be the right fit for our family.  His personality is very similar to Linc's.

Ranger's first beach ride
He's so hadsome!
Ranger and I standing in the Suwanee

Linc is becoming a family horse.  He will always be "my" horse, but he doesn't seem to mind toting Erik and Cory around.

Linc willingly walks into the waves now
Linc trying to get some Cory love
Linc and Cory making their way down the bank
Could he look any goofier?
Cory on Linc & DeAnna on Rocky

Rocky is going strong.  He's Cory's main ride, but every now and then I get to sneak a ride in too.

Checking out the new Jennings trailhead
Love this pic
Rocky giving me the "you don't expect me to cross that" look 
Mother's Day - Rocky and Cory share a special moment
It's amazing how much he loves Cory
Rocky takes good care of DeAnna at Pumkpin Hill

Cory also rides Beauty regularly.

We are so happy she's back home
This pony loves to hit the trails.
In the water...  WOOHOO!
Looking for shells and shark's teeth
Mother's Day ride
I just had to throw this pic in here too.  I wouldn't want to live without my pups either.

Wake up call at 7 Bar L.

MugWump: Reining Torn Apart

You've got to love MugWump. In this post, she shares her two cents on the recent reining VIDEO circulating the internet and get horse lovers' panties all wadded up.

Sunday, May 8, 2011