Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

4 rides in 3 days

Labor day weekend was perfect for riding.  I managed to make up for my lack of saddle time in the previous weeks.

Saturday morning at Princess Place Preserve
I had to help Gene get the bridle on his mare.  She just wasn't acting right.  We checked her ears later (with the help of a twitch) and found several ticks.  Poor baby, I felt awful we didn't investigate it before our ride.
Heading out
Heading up the land bridge over I-95
Chele is so proud of her new pony.
Mule Man bought back one of his old mules.  She wasn't so sure about the bridge.  Can you say U-turn?
Debbi (Emily's mom)
KD posing for a pic for Jenny
Chele had to get Willy up there
Coming up the bridge
Marilyn and Dolly check out the view

Such a great kid!  Wish we lived closer so Cory and her could hang out.

Thanks for taking a pic, Chele!
KD and I
KD, Marilyn, and I
Cory, Marilyn, Chele, and I
Saturday night at Amelia Island State Park
I love this view.  It's not often Erik joins us on a ride.
Me and Ranger
Horseshoe crab that didn't make it

Susan and Curtis
Cory enjoyed the wide open spaces at the beach.
Sun is setting.

Here comes the moon.
The full moon was STUNNING!
Erik did make a land purchase.  He was all smiles though and got right back on.
Sunday morning in Jennings
Me and my pink pony.  (KD gave him a new nickname because his roaning out more and more)
Monday morning at Jacksonville Equestrian Center
I was so proud of Cory today.  She faced her fears like a champ.
Cory going up the hill by herself.
Marilyn and Clyde
Me and Linc

Cory and Marilyn
Cory navigated muck to get into the water.

She's even proud of herself.

Cory and Sheryl waiting for us to catch up.  They had been running through the trails.  Cory got brave enough to step up Rocky's canter almost to a gallop.  I better hang on.  She's going to be leaving me in the dust now.