Monday, September 13, 2010

To blog or not to blog...

It has obviously been a long time since I updated things.  Life has been complicated, and blogging was WAY on the bottom of my To-Do or Worry About list.  I even considered just deleting my blog all together.  However, riding season is almost here.  I do love having a place to relive and reflect on "stuff." Therefore, the blog will stay for now.

I suppose I should bring everyone up to speed since we have had so many changes.  This summer was not an easy one.  My family and I went through a major exercise in simplifying and prioritizing.

The first thing to go was my 2 horse trailer.  This was much harder than I thought it would be.  It was like the end of an era.  That was my first trailer, my first taste of horsey independence.

No more redneck camping for me

The camper went next.  Now, this is something I do NOT miss at all.  I had wanted it gone for many years.  Unfortunately, it cost me almost $4000 to get out of it, but sometimes that happens.  Live and learn, right?

My round pen was next.  Although, I really did not want to sell it.  I needed the money, and it made sense.  I wasn't using it, so I might as well take the money and run.

I wasn't the only one giving things up.  Erik sold his Harley.  It was his decision to give it up.  He didn't really have any riding buddies and very rarely rode it by himself.

Cory made the most difficult sacrifice - her pony.  We are now a 3 horse family.  Beauty now belongs to a very dear friend of ours, Marilyn.  She has always adored Beauty and was the first person I thought of when we decided to rehome her.

Cory and Beauty before their last ride

Stormy, my lab, was rehomed as well.  A friend's dog died a few months ago, and they really wanted another.  Stormy fit the bill perfectly.

Stormy was always my side kick.  I do miss him.

AND if all of this wasn't enough...  Erik and I both gave up our gym memberships, Napster, and closed all of our credit card accounts.  Talk about a rough summer!  I feel lucky to have survived it financially and emotionally.

So the big question is WHY?

1) The economy - Erik is an electrician.  Just like so many other folks around the nation, times are tough.  It seems like work is either feast or famine.  It's uncertain at times whether he'll have a full paycheck and/or a job.  Rather than be caught in a bind, I thought it best to put the cart before the horse for a change.  Praise God, they have work right now, and I can only pray it continues.

2) Baggage - I am tired of paying off debt from years ago.  It's not that Erik and I have ever been frivolous spenders.  However, there were times in our past that we had to rely on credit to survive.  Those days are over.  My goal is for Erik and I to be financially free (other than maybe my mortgage and a car payment) by the time we are 40.  I figure we can do it.  We're talking 6 years from now.

3) Family - Cory is growing up fast.  I figure we have about 5 years before the hormones take over and she notices the boys (and likes them).  It scares me to think like this, but I know how I was at 13.  I hope and pray that she is different.  I figure I might stand a chance IF I can keep her busy and interested in other things. 

This is where my new-to-me trailer comes in.  After months and months of dreaming and searching, I finally found the horse trailer of my dreams.  It just big enough for Erik, Cory, and me to enjoying riding and camping together.  It's a 2004 Cherokee Invasion, 3 horse, with a weekender package.  It has everything I wanted including an awning, high ties, and a hayrack.  Even better, it was in my price range.

I still can't believe it's ours.

HERE are the rest of the pics of the trailer.

So with that, I will end this.  I have so much more to say, but I will save it for another day.  It's not my style to be wordy and long-winded.  =)